Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Yes it's August and yes, once again, the fishing is stupid good!

Here's the deal. I feel like I have to say this every August out here on the Missouri River because it still hasn't caught on and it's literally, some of the best fishing of the season. And like I've said in the past, I'm not one to brag about fish counts but I took out Johnny LaRue and his dad the other day and we absolutely crushed it. I think Johnny probably put 20 fish like these in the net himself. Yeah! And look at that rainbow with a hopper sticking out of its mouth. Do you know how cool it is to watch a
trout annihilate a hopper? It's pretty sick.
So what's so great about fishing in August? It's weedy. It's hot. The fish aren't eating...right! Tell that to this guy. Here's the reality.
1.) Big fish are cruising around looking for protein. Once the tricos are done, fish still have to eat and they will forage for just about anything that looks like food so they eat the big stuff. That means, scuds, crayfish, hoppers, ants--you name it. If it's in the water they will eat it.
2.) It's not at all technical. There are weeds so try to simplify things--one fly. That's it. And on pretty heavy tippet material so you don't get tangles and you can avoid the weeds. And, you'll land more fish.
3.) Fish hang out in the weed beds. I know what you're thinking; you hate the weeds. Yeah, so do I but you're fishing the weed beds that are mid-river and you can avoid all the floating crap that gets hung up on the edges. If you rig it right, you don't have to be in the weeds.
4.) You literally have the entire river to yourself. The perception of the fishing and the weeds keeps people off the river but if you know how to fish it, you can have 30-40 fish days too and you can catch monsters! Trust me. Or don't even trust me, trust Johnny LaRue.
Keep 'em where they live...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Trico Fishing on the Missouri River

Check out this video of Mike Kuhnert getting it done on the Missouri River. We took a little morning float trip yesterday just for fun.

This was my first effort at a pod sipping tricos. I have to say, if you put it on them, they will eat it.

This season has kind of come to a screeching halt and I'm not really sure why. I know it's been hot and smoky but the fishing is still really good. Especially in the mornings. Tricos are going off and fish are happy eating them. Yes, you have to get it over them and yes, you have to get a drift but it's a great way of honing some skills. And in the afternoon, what's more fun than seeing big browns chowing hoppers?

And if you don't like fishing in the afternoon heat, take advantage of the half day specials most of us are offering. Get on, catch a bunch of fish and get off before it gets too hot. There are plenty of fish to be had and there are no boats! Yeah, the river is wide open if you venture a little down stream.

Keep 'em where they live...

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Disappearance of Wilbur Grasshopper

I know what you're thinking, "This dude has lost it..."
You're probably right. I've had a few days off, which is a little disconcerting and August is looking pretty thin even though the fishing is still really good. My best friend in the whole world also hates me. So yeah, I may have lost it but this is what I do when I have too much time to think.
Keep 'em where they live...
P.S. If you see my family, tell them I love them.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hopper Dropper Special with Montana Dream Fishing Outfitters


I'm not going to lie, I could be busier. It seems the traffic on the Missouri River has fallen off the table--well, the anglers have. There are still plenty of rec-floaters but if you know how to get away from them, the fishing is still pretty damn good. One way to have a little peace and quite is to get on early and get off early so here's what I'm aiming to do for ya. I'm offering Hopper Dropper Half Days for the entire month of August. The hopper fishing is getting good so go to my website at: www.mdfishingoutfitters.com and check out an amazing deal to go after those huge summer browns looking for the big uglies.
As for the video production; I've had a little bit of time to take some videos and produce some short takes. Check them out on my YouTube page and tell me what you think and then call me to book your dream trip.
Keep 'em where they live...

Monday, July 17, 2017

Get 'em Coach!

Yeah, I know. I've been slackin a bit but it's for good reason. I've been busy fishing with some amazing folks like Mike (Coach) and Julie Ayers of South Carolina. Check out this video of Coach on a small creek in Central Montana. You can also see Julie here with a beautiful Missouri River bow. She was so impressed with it, she was actually taking a photo of the fish while she was being photo'd. This might be my favorite pic of the season.

Along with the fishing, Scott Hirschi and I have also been very diligent on producing The Montana Dream Cast. You can hear the latest by clicking the link:
Jill's Editorial Corrections

As you might remember, (maybe I didn't mention it on the blog) we had a substantial earth quake out here a couple weeks ago. It measured 5.8 on the Richter Scale, which is pretty big. We did talk about it on the podcast and of course, I may have said something that didn't sit well with Jill so we gave her a chance to correct the record and defend herself. She did well so check it out.

As for the earth quake, it was pretty crazy. Twelve-thirty at night, I thought one of the dogs was having a night-terror. When they have them, they kick the bed and it kind of freaks you out. Only this time, the jolting was accompanied by what sounded like a train coming right through our front door. It felt like the entire house was on rollers and we were about to topple over. It didn't last that long but there were a number of aftershocks throughout the night that kept us from getting any sleep.

As for damage, I think the only one reporting anything was the Walmart. Lots of condiments hit the floor...

One last thing; we are doing hopper dropper specials for the entire month of August. Book a half-day at an incredibly low price and experience some big 'ole hopper eats from fatty browns. Get on early and off before the heat and the tubers catch up with ya. Go to: www.mdfishingoutfitters.com to learn more.

Keep 'em where they live...

P.S. I tried really hard to get Dan Plummer to make a showing on the blog but he couldn't pull through. He must have had some blockage...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Barely Legal

This ram was seen at Phil and Joan's Prewett Creek Inn yesterday. If you've been in the lower canyon of the Missouri River, you may have seen these guys. This one, however, was the first one I've seen that would be a legal ram to hunt. Of course, you can't hunt these big horn sheep because there is no season for them in this area, which is a good thing. They are some of the really cool things one can expect to see when you come to the Missouri.
The other things one can expect to see right on the Missouri are tricos, PMD's, caddis, ants, and epic dry fly fishing. Yes, even in the heat. The dry fly fishing has been ridiculous. You have to have a reach cast and know how to feed line but if you get a bug over them, fish are happy to accommodate. And, if you like throwing the big stuff, they're eating that too so come on out and let's go fishing!
Keep 'em where they live...
P.S. I hope you weren't looking for porn when you clicked on this site... 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

All work and no play?

Yep, this week I was one of "those" guys--tooling around the lake on a wave runner, scaring all the fish. To be fair, if you're going out to Canyon Ferry on the weekend, you should expect some traffic. The lake was made for fun and there were hundreds of us out there on a perfect day, yesterday. The wind was down. The sun was out. The water was perfect.
A guy once said to me while getting trolled on a Facebook feed that I must be a pretty crappy guide if I had time to respond to comments on social media instead of working. I thought about it for a minute and then really started appreciating the fact that I live in one of the world's most beautiful places; where there are thousands of ways to have fun and enjoy life and why should I dwell on not working one day?
Yesterday was my first day off in a while and I won't get another one for a little over a week. I see that I have a lot of days I'd like to book coming up but you know what? If I don't book them, I'm going to get back to living life and doing things with the people that matter the most. I've spent the last 10 years working just about every day of the summer and when I wasn't working, I was too tired to really do much of anything. I think this year, instead of stressing to book up my summer, I'm going to do some fishing myself.
Keep 'em where they live...