Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For Sale!!

That's right! This beautiful 2003 RO Guide Series Drift Boat can be YOURS for the low, low price of just $3200! Featuring plenty of storage, the RO patented hull, side anchor system and standing rear casting brace; this boat is truly a boat for the ages and one every weekend warrior, guide, father, brother or husband should own. Take your buddies, your kids, the wife and even clients if you choose for a spectacular day out on the water or just park it in you driveway and have a picnic and make all the neighbors completely jealous.

Alright, so here's the deal. My insurance company kind of screwed me on the boat after my accident so I'm trying to sell it and get into something a little more guide friendly/lower profile and lighter. While borrowing one of my client's boats last fall I realized just how much more work I was creating myself by not getting into a lighter boat. Don't get me wrong, I really did like the RO. It was one of the best boats I've fished out of. There was plenty of room and it actually did track really well. You can't beat it for storage either but with all the row-arounds we do on the MO, it was time.

So how did the insurance thing work out? Well for all of you that have insurance on your boats, (and you all should,) you have to separate the value of the boat from the trailer and motor if applicable. In my case, my insurance agent from Jim Donaldson's State Farm Insurance office designated $500 towards the trailer and the rest of the cost to replace the boat and trailer towards the boat, which equalled the amount I paid for the package. In my accident the trailer was totalled and the boat had minimal damage. For those of you that have tried to purchase a trailer you know that a good used trailer is roughly $1200. A new standard black painted trailer is about $1800. I received $500 to replace the trailer. That sucks.

Now I am fully aware that I should have been more observant when signing the policy. At the time, I didn't realize that trailers cost as much as they do because I bought the boat and trailer as a package and it wasn't separated on a bill of sale. I trusted that my agent knew better. What was the most frustrating part to all of this was the fact that my agent wouldn't even go to bat for me. The adjuster investigated the terms and if there were any errors and instead of saying yes, the policy was written up wrong, he did everything he could to stick it to me. Thanks Jim. The bottom line is that I was paying on this policy for 4 years and when I went to use what protection I thought I had, I found out I was screwed.

Fortunately, it seems Clackacraft really wants to sell boats and they, unlike a couple of their competetors, are really trying hard to help dudes like me out. I'm not at all shy to say that they really did come through on the trailer I purchased. It's an 09' Adams trailer for $600. Pretty sweet deal which means I can fix the minor damage on the boat myself and I should come out ok. All together, boat and trailer, this really is a pretty sweet deal.

So for all you out there who are putting insurance on your boat, research your policy and make sure you are covered!

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