Friday, June 3, 2011

Money Saver Tip

So every time I open my yahoo e-mail account, I get these offers for everything from cheap Viagra to finding singles in Missoula, MT. One of the more frequent ads boasts ways I can save money on car insurance. Many of you know the problems I've had with my current insurance provider, (my premium doubling since my accident, taking six months to settle my boat claim and then getting the shaft,) so I decided to take a couple minutes and fill out the questionnaire. Within seconds of hitting the submit button, my phone started ringing. Crap.

I did however, take one of the local calls I got yesterday and found out that it was worth sending the query. I guy from Farmers called while I was on the golf course. After talking with him for a few minutes, I found out I really could save a significant amount of money. With the exact same coverage that I have with State Farm, Farmers Insurance will save me $30 a month. That's $360 a year for the slow folks out there, which to me, is pretty good. Plus, they can't be any worse to deal with. After what I went through with State Farm on my boat, I'm happy to exercise my right as a consumer to give someone else, that's cheaper mind you, my business. (The site was NetQuote by the way.)

Oh yeah, as for the fishing/water levels? It's still high but not crazy high and the tribs are still kicking lots of mud. We had another bout of significant rain yesterday so it doesn't look great for the next couple days. It is June so give it a week and things should start settling down...or we will get a week of 90's and the flood gates will open in the high country and we'll have a couple more weeks of heavy flow. The fish still eat though and we know how to get 'em.

Keep 'em where they live...

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