Monday, July 25, 2011


Ok, so I just got out of the bar and these dip-ship local early 20's got me riled up. I shouldn't let that happen but I did. Here's the deal though; I was guiding yesterday and a raft of 6 girls wrapped their raft around a bridge pylon and some of our group had to help rescue them. They didn't have to and they didn't complain at all--they just did it and in spite of all that, the guides out here are looking like the bad guys once again.

So a few days prior to this particular incident, the people in the bar I just mentioned were sited for a ticket for not having life preservers in their boat for everyone. It was $45 per boat and instead of just dealing with it, they copped an attitude. The warden went down to the next boat and checked their jackets and made the mistake of referring to the last boat as a bunch of snatches. She didn't know the boats were together. Granted, the warden, who is female, should not have said that but they were being bitches and were really giving the warden a hard time. The bottom line is, they didn't have life jackets and if I don't, I would get a ticket as well.

My point to all this is that none of us have a problem with rec-floaters as long as they clean up after themselves and obey the rules but they don't. I just had to retrieve stray bottles from a group today not to mention the six girls who biffed yesterday. Take responsibility for yourselves and if you don't follow the laws then screw you. Get a ticket and drown the next time.

So obviously the conversation in the bar with the girls that got the ticket didn't end well. I did say the warden shouldn't have called them snatches but I also defended her for trying to enforce the laws fairly and if you give her flack, then why should you deserve to be treated respectfully? I was told I should go back to where I came from. If I, and everyone else that works for a living in Montana did that, the economy would fall and Montana would be run by a bunch of f'n drunks.

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