Friday, July 15, 2011


Whew! I've been on the river for about three weeks straight. It's been interesting and very busy; running over to the Blackfoot for four days, doing the Dearborn twice and a bunch of days on the Mo. The fishing's been good--the company has been even better.

Between guiding the dudes from New York, who couldn't catch a fish without dropping an f'bomb, to the women from Calgary, to the ex-diplomat from Virginia who has pretty much influenced every president's foreign policy since Kennedy, I've had an amazing last couple of weeks.

The Missouri has dropped 9,000 cfs in five days. The Dearborn is very floatable and fishing, (although it's mostly little guys,) and the Blackfoot is just about there as well. Things are definitely shaping up for an amazing August. (Book your trips!)

It's good to be busy for sure. Keeps me thinking about what's missing.

Keep 'em where they live.

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