Friday, April 26, 2013

Broken Record

I know, it's sounds like a broken record but the fishing has been pretty damn epic this week up on the Missouri. If it wasn't for the wind, it wouldn't get much easier than this. This really is the best time to take a trip, in my opinion. Fish are happy and are eating on every stretch, which also means that even on a busy day, the boats get pretty spread out.

I got back up to Wolf Creek on Monday and hung out with some guys that were up here from Bozeman with clients. A lot of Bozeman and Missoula outfitters schedule early season trips on the Mo because the run-off is so unpredictable on their home waters. Tuesday morning I got a call from one of those outfitters because apparently, one of the guides he hired from up here didn't have all his licensing stuff together so he had to bail. Good thing for me and honestly, good thing for the clients. We had a great day.

Anyone that reads this blog or knows me understands that I really don't like fishing up by the dam. I think the Missouri has so much more to offer than to do the row-arounds all day up there. The fishing is much easier and in some circumstances, totally appropriate but at some point, you got to feel a little dirty going up there and catching the same fish over and over and not showing your clients different scenery or teaching them anything about fly-fishing. But these clients were already being rigged up at the dam when I got called so it was quicker to get them on the water and do the exchange if we just stayed up there and fished. That's day one...

The last couple days however, I've been fishing down on the lower river. I hesitate to give reports from down there because as soon as I say anything, dozens of boats will be down there and one of the beauties of that stretch is that it is tough and a lot of guys are afraid to do it. However, it can be pretty damn amazing with the average fish being a little bigger and still a good number of them. The good thing about my blog is that none of the guides read it...for those people that do and want an awesome day on a stretch of river that holds monster trout and not a lot of boats; give me a call.

Keep 'em where they live...

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