Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big 'Ole Buck

We got down to the Pelican Point ramp today with about 8 other boats gearing up. The weather brought people down there hoping to find bugs and tons of fish eating on top. The bugs didn't disappoint and the fish were cooperating but with the wind picking up out of the West-Northwest, casting to them was tough.

We dragged our heals a bit, letting the boats get down river and then started out getting fish to eat midges on top before we hit the first real good nymphing run. We put a number of really good fish in the net before moving on. I told my guys that it was a good day to pull a pig on a streamer so we switched it up.

About five minutes into it, Steve dropped his streamer into about 6 inches of water and all you saw we an explosion as this monster crushed his bugger before he could even start stripping. "Game on!" I thought...we never caught another fish on a streamer.

We did however, catch PLENTY on dries and nymphs. We had midges early, then BWO's and finally; a bunch of March browns. A great day for another group on Canucks.

Keep 'em where they live...

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