Friday, May 24, 2013

River On Fire

Jordan and Pete got rained out at work yesterday so they called me to see if I'd like to do a short float. My first thought was to just go Craig down but with all the boats putting in we decided to head down to the lower canyon.

We got a few on nymphs just to get the skunk out of the boat, (and to be able to crack that first beer...those of you that have fished with me know you can't drink a beer until you put a fish in the net.) And then we started chucking streamers. We did move a few fish on the white and blue but then BWO's blanked the water and fish started gobbling.

We moved over to the big rock wall with the plan to chuck streamers but we found a pod working on top. Typically, the fish that come up there are little guys but it looks like the little ones grew up. I had a rod rigged up with the "Labrador" already, (a palmered caddis tied with dubbing from the late great Chase's undercut for dubbing,) so I figured I would try feeding them it before changing to a smaller may fly even though we weren't really seeing caddis. The first time I put it in front of one of them, she sucked it down...then the second, third, fourth and so on.

Pete landed a really niced Brown--Jordan...well, Jordan did educate one...

We moved down and had some good chases on streamers but limited success. The nymphing remained strong and we did see a number of sporadic fish up. It was a good day all in all, with Pete making the best showing. Nice work and thanks for bringing  lunch and beer...and the Pendleton. That's a good friend.

Keep 'em where they live...

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