Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We rocked the dry-dropper all day yesterday and once we found an attractor pattern they would eat and the caddis pupa, we didn't change until the afternoon when things got slow. At that point, they weren't really eating anything but that was ok because the father/son duo of Tim and Brandon had already crushed it.

I don't like to toot my own horn but I'm going to. We were rowing out of this channel, thinking the water was moving a bit slow and we would be better off getting into the main river when we passed a seam running  along boulder just off the bank. I pulled back on the oars and told Tim we should hit that seam once before we move on. While moving into position, a little dimple appeared as a trout sipped something off the surface.

"Put it right on the seam, Tim," I said and he threw a cast about a foot or two outside of it. "You got to get it right on the seam and about six feet above it," I said.

Tim re-loaded and put a perfect cast just up-stream from where the fish was rising and right on line.

"He'll eat it right...now." As soon as I got the word out this big brown with white mouth wide open inhaled his dry-fly and as Tim lifted his rod his line came tight and a classic man-versus trout-fight ensued.

Great day on the Mo.

Keep 'em where they live...

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