Friday, June 28, 2013

Small Ball

I had the pleasure of guiding the crew Bill Drewry of Peninsula Outfitters on the Olympic Peninsula brings out every year. They are great guys and love to do cool and different things. I get the chance to explore a bit and they get the opportunity to see a little more of what Montana has to offer. "Small Ball" is what the guys were calling this water on the West Side of the Divide. Here's Ron (right) and Tim with one of many nice cutties caught in this hole and on this stretch of water.

I got the chance to guide Bill on their final day with us. I don't get to fish with Bill very often so it was cool to hang out and catch up. Bill was tired of chasing bobbers so we made it a point to just throw dries or at least, dry droppers. With the wind coming up and sun high, you're really handicapping yourself if you're not willing to nymph. But we were up for the challenge and found some really good browns in skinny water and some were being opportunistic. It almost felt like hopper fishing in June.

Keep 'em where you live...

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