Monday, August 19, 2013

Bread Winner

Fished the Yellowstone yesterday with Nathaniel Pehl and his roomate, Torrey...yes, Nathaniel caught the most and the biggest, which isn't saying much. I think we actually landed 5 fish; the biggest being about 14 inches and 2 were whities. It was fun though but I'm glad to be back on the Mo. It's still fishing really well. I took out a single for a half-day. I got to be hones; I love half days when you know it's going to be 95 by 1 o'clock. Instead of taking advantage of some cool afternoon pillow-time and a little A/C however, I took Matt Hargrave for a hike to check out some elk hunting hot-spots. If you find water, you'll find elk. We did find water. I can't wait for bow season! Keep 'em where they live... P.S. You can now add comments without having to be registered. I figured that out in my settings. I still can't figure out how to make this f'n thing recognize paragraph breaks though. Sorry.

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