Saturday, September 21, 2013

High Sun Sucks in September

This brown was caught on the lower river by Jim on a worm. Yep. A worm. We did get a few good fish on hoppers that day but most were caught nymphing.

The next day we got some good 'ole fall weather and the fishing turned on. I did a half-day and stuck a couple dozen with beginners. The weather moved on, however and the fish; I think they went into hiding.

My guys showed up yesterday wanting to throw hoppers. "Sweet," I said. I love watching big browns crush the hopper and since the storms moved out a couple days ago, I figured it would be good. Temps are down and fish should be happy and bulking up, right?

Do you know what's no fun? Watching a hopper drift for 12 miles and only get eaten about 5 times...One of my guys did switch to nymphs at some point and we did get some fish on the pink dirt-snake. The other guy, who I respect a ton and probably would have down the same, stuck it out and got blanked. Oh well, it was day one of three for these guys. His luck will change.

Keep 'em where the live...

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