Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Turkey

With winter full into it's grip on most of the rivers, I've actually started getting the itch to fish again but there are still some tags to take care of. I've never shot a turkey although I did hunt them once in Wisconsin. Back then it was kind of the "in" thing to do in the Spring and I guess it's fun if there are birds and if they haven't been pressured too much. We didn't have the birds and since we drew tags for late in the season, they were incredibly weary. Now I just wanted one to try for Christmas.

My cousin lives in the Bitterroot Valley and about 10 or 12 years ago, a group of turkeys started hanging out on her property. She put some chicken feed out for them and thought it was cool to have them hanging around. Well, a few turned into literally a hundred or so and now she's sick of them so she's trying to get people to come out and shoot them. The tag is only $6.50 and I figured it would be pretty easy so I I bought one...turns out, once you grab a gun or a bow they become incredibly smart.

I only had a couple hours to hunt and wound up chasing the Tom's all over the mountains on the first day. There were some hanging out with all the chickens and other animals when I showed up but literally, once I grabbed my bow they all left. Since I had to get going early the next morning I blasted a hen with my shotgun. It's all legal. In the fall you can shoot hens out here. It should be good; nice and fat with all the chicken feed they eat and a young tender hen. Yum.

Keep 'em where they live...

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