Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This is Winter

7-Day Forecast for Latitude 47.01°N and Longitude 112.06°W (Elev. 3700 ft)

I came back up to the WC to do a little R&D for an upcoming guide trip this weekend. (I could make that into a song...) It's fricken FREEZING!! Yeah, I know, it's winter and I get that but this is Minnesota cold and I don't like it.

For those of you that think this is normal because it's winter in Montana let me just shed some light. According to the Weather Channel website, the average temperature for Wolf Creek in February is about 42 degrees with an average low of around 21. Today's high is supposed to be -1. Brrr..

I'm really hoping for a shift back to normalcy soon; otherwise this weekend could be brutal. The other thing is, fishing this time of year can be epic. You can usually count on some good midge hatches to bring fish up in the afternoons and streamers can often pull a few really good fish. If you're looking for numbers, nymphing can be stupid good too. So get the heck out of here polar vortex or Alberta clipper or whatever Arctic blast we're calling it now. I want to do some fishing!

Keep 'em where they live...


  1. Yeah, but I have found that the Weather Channel really doesn't portray our weather accurately. We are far more pleased with Weather Underground. As far as the weekend, sounds like the train will pull into Chinookville later this week. So perhaps wind will be your concern less than cold, eh?

  2. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the Weather Channel for forecasting but they have compiled data to show averages. As for the Weather Underground or the National Weather Service sites, I keep telling myself not to even look at the reports because I'm just going to be disappointed when they're wrong but I keep coming back thinking they'll somehow get close.

    As for this weekend, I'm praying for 20's just to be optimistic..