Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Feeling All Grown Up

I've been taking a little break from the fishing scene and working on our new house. Yep, a new house Jill and I bought. Crazy, huh? After eight years of living in a camper, the White House, (my little cottage in Wolf Creek,) a guest house up in the mountains, and back in the White House for six years; I am now a co-owner of a real house. I'll finally have room for stuff! I also will have a shed and a garage and a man-cave and a shop. But, there is a lot of work before we move in so I'll be taking the next week to demo and line up contractors and with a little luck, we'll be able to get in, the first week of June and I'll be back to work.

We closed at around 2:30 on Monday and I immediately started ripping stuff out. In roughly 24 hours, I was able to rip out all the gross carpet and pull down the cabinets. Here are a couple progress pics.

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