Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015--Don't Pull the Plug Just Yet

It's usually about this time every year when the caddis start popping big-time and the run-off is just around the corner. Well, everything is a couple weeks early this year and with the lack of a really good snow-pack, the rivers are actually already starting to clear up. Now, there's always a couple stages to the run-off so don't get your hopes up too high but this year, the migration to the Missouri might not be as significant as other rivers become fishable sooner than later.

So let's look at current conditions for the day after mom's day. The Missouri is at around 3800 cfs, which is roughly half of what it should be. The water temps are also up to 50 degrees, which again, is warmer than usual. The fishing is good but it leaves folks wondering what will come of this season.

Canyon Ferry is up to about 85% filled with about 4900 cfs coming in and 3800 going out. It's gaining but it's not gaining much. The headwaters are running a little low right now but unless we get some significant snow or rain in the next couple weeks, they're going to run out soon. But here's the deal, we often get significant precipitation through June that could change everything.

I think the bottom line is that it's safe to say we will have a low water year and rivers across the State should fish earlier this year than normal so watch the weather and plan your trip early if you're looking for freestone opportunities. The salmon flies should be epic on those freestones with conditions that make fishing that hatch optimal.

As for the Dearborn, one of my favorite rivers to float, it's probably out for this year. We could get some rain and we might be able to float it for a couple days here and there but it will be day-to-day. The wade fishing should be pretty damn good though but again, plan your trip early because if those tribs drop like it looks they should, we will see closures late this summer.

As for the Missouri forecast, I've never seen a closure on it. We do have the luxury of being a tail water, keeping it relatively cool in the summer and even a couple years ago when it was flowing under 3,000 cfs for most of the summer, the fishing was good. You just had to know where the fish were the happiest--even through August so don't run away from it. Just do your research and you can still have some bomber days.

Keep 'em where they live...

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