Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Happy Father's Day

I think it's fair to believe every dad who loves his kids want's them to get into the same things that he does--to be able to plan a life of trips like going to the Missouri and spending a few days together pursuing a shared passion, bringing each other closer and knowing that bond will enrich each other's lives and probably; keep each other just a little safer. The last few days two great dads took two equally great boys on their first fishing trips together to celebrate Father's Day and to test out the interests of their 12 year-olds for fly fishing and hopefully set up that lifetime of pursuits together. I'd have to say it was a success.
This is Strick and his dad, Gaylord posing with a gorgeous brown that couldn't resist eating the Royal Wolf. Nice work guys and thanks to Mitch Kowalski and Skinny Water Anglers for giving me and Carson the opportunity to share in the experience.
Keep 'em where they live...

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