Monday, June 8, 2015

To Each His Own

It was my first year of guiding when I found myself in Izaak's talking to some of the guides about carp fishing. I was asked, "You're from Minnesota. You had a lot of carp back home. What did you use to catch them?"
"A bow and arrow," I replied.
That was more than a little offensive to the audience I was speaking to but I bet if I put a bow in their hands and set them lose for a day, they'd really dig it. LaRue and I took the boys on my day off Sunday and it was a blast.
Carp on the fly has gotten to be pretty big in the West. "Western bones," they call them and they are tough to hook and can put up a pretty good tussle but to be honest, I don't have much affinity for them so I'm going to keep whacking them with a bow. There are so many of those things I don't think we're going to put much of a dent on the population. However, I bet I'd have fun with a rod in my hand going after them too. I'd have a hard time letting them go though. Back in Minnesota, it was actually illegal to release them.
This is Johnny LaRue with Patrick on Patrick's first carp shoot. I know, it's more than a bit redneck but it is fun.
Keep 'em where they live...

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