Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's For Dinner

This June seems more like July with everything from the bugs to the weeds. Say hello to my little friend; Mr. Pale Morning Dun. This guy has molted and is looking for a mate. Soon he will do the deed and then fall from the sky and wind up in a scum line as a spinner. We've had PMD's now for a couple weeks, which is crazy early. I heard from Chris Strainer at Cross Currents that the river is about two degrees warmer than average. I'm guessing that number goes up as the temps go up. I wouldn't be surprised if we see tricos next week. Maybe it's time to start throwing hoppers...
Fish can be a bit tricky when they're on PMD's. If they're eating during the hatch, it's usually in the sun and they're usually not eating duns but more-so, the emerging nymphs. It's a little difficult to present an emerger really well and the sun means everything has to be perfect or you might as well forget it. Any shadows or slapping the water and they are gone. Try swinging something in front of rising fish. It works, it's just really hard to keep them pinned.  
As for the duns, they don't sit on the water long and aren't the easiest of targets so fish usually won't eat them. Throwing PMD dun patterns can bring hours of frustration but also humility. You're better off waiting a couple hours and then throwing a rusty spinner as they start looking for the spent PMD's.
As for the weeds; they are here already and they are thick. We've never seen it like this at this time of the year. The fishing is still good but you might have to make some adjustments.
Keep 'em where they live... 

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