Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cool Down

We had a little bit of a cool down on the Missouri River this week, which brought some big fish into the riffles searching for food. This is Jim, a client of Craig Fellin's and the Big Hole Lodge who opted to take a day-trip to the Mo on Tuesday and he's definitely glad he did.
Yesterday I was canceled for a trip, which is ok. The break was nice and I did something I haven't done for a couple years now...broke 80 with a 78. I missed a birdie on the last hole by about an inch, which would have been a personal best for me.
About ten years ago I was playing a lot and had to decide weather or not to teach golf or fly-fishing. I hated my job and wanted to get into something I was really passionate about. I spent an entire summer working on my golf game, thinking I could become a club pro. That summer I went from a 12 handicap to a now I fish for a living.
Keep 'em where they live...
P.S. I'm a 10.5 now. Life is good. 

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