Tuesday, July 7, 2015

These Guys

I did a day on the Blackfoot Sunday. It was suppose to be kind of a fun-float--splash and giggle type thing with a family I've guided quite a bit out here with Mitch Kowalski and Skinny Water Anglers but as luck would have it, we went into a mini-freeze for a day so there was no splashing going on at all. What we did do is fish. Imagine that.
It was pretty good with golden stones roaming around but I will say, the water over there is WARM. We landed about a 17inch cutthroat and it took all of lunch to recover. It remained upright the whole time but just sat in one spot getting it's wind back. The hoot owl closures are good but maybe not enough.
As for the Missouri, we have those goldens too and if you're fishing the right water, trout are chowing on them. I know the green stuff is getting thick and we did lose a few to the weed monsters but when you hook a trout on a size 6 hook and on 2X tippet, you can muscle 'em a bit and you won't lose too many. If you don't like to fight the weeds, there is the dam. You'll miss out on PMD's, caddis, stones and solitude though. We didn't see a boat yesterday and the fish were still hot.
Keep 'em where they live...

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