Wednesday, August 5, 2015


There is a difference between being vindictive and seeking vindication. The former is a state of mind that drives one's attitude and dictates his interactions on a daily basis. It's blaming others for shortcomings and spending way too much effort and time on knocking someone else down just to prop themselves up. The latter is the act of retribution or justice or just validating oneself for an effort put forth but coming up short in a given space and time. One can be a good motivator. The other can make you an asshole. Fly fishing can offer opportunities for both.
 Kelly and I fished together for day one of the United group and the fishing was tough. Kelly's counter-part caught a few good fish and was done. Kelly had gotten a few small fish but was looking for that one good brown to seal the deal on a good day. We were about a few hundred yards from the take-out and that opportunity came but as luck would have it, he broke the big 'ole brown off by having a "wind-knot" in his leader...bummer.
 With another hundred yards or so left, we re-tied and hit the next riffle and again, a huge brown turned on his hopper, opened up wide to inhale the bug and as the rod came up, the line went limp and Kelly was on strike two. Another cast at the pig brought him up to the surface for another look; only to get the called third and Kelly was sent back to the bench with head down and bat in hand. Again, bummer.
I think Kelly and I both had dreams about those fish that night. For him, it's a chance that only comes once or twice a year and it matters. For me, I really like guys (and gals,) to be successful and although I've been criticized for "caring too much," I live and die with every head and every nose that comes up to a hopper because it's still exciting to me and I like to share that with those folks I fish with. If I didn't I'd have to find something else to do for a living.
So the next day I was paired up with Kelly again and we decided to put in about a mile above the place we took out the day before and fish the exact same riffles as the day before with the exact same bugs and you know what? Kelly put the wood to them. Vindication.
Keep 'em where they live... 

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