Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jumping Ducks

The weather came in Monday and left yesterday. Like I said earlier, we hunted the storm and nothing was really moving but we were able to get up on a few and get some shots. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous out with cold and high sun. I went up to the river to see if the last storm had brought ducks to the river and it did but again, they weren't moving so I went after them with my 870, Cutter and my GoPro. I did manage to get this video.

I did set some decoys and decided to wait it out until the end of shooting hours just to see if there were any new ducks moving in. As luck would have it, a greenhead landed in the decoys while I was taking a leak and then another one snuck in without us seeing it. For about two hours, that was the only action we had...and then 4 o'clock came and ducks started piling in.

You can tell the new wave of mallards from the locals because they ain't all that bright. The locals will flare the second they see something that isn't right, which is why I haven't even busted the Mojo Floater out in a couple of weeks. It just doesn't pay as those ducks have seen it too much. The new wave doesn't need a lot of coaxing and when they commit, they really commit. Good times and even with conditions like bright sun and no wind--decoys resting almost completely still--greenheads were more than happy to sit down.

I didn't get any videos of it because I ran my battery out taking shots of decoys and trying sneak up on ducks earlier but tonight I'm going to save the battery for the end. It was pretty cool and hopefully I'll get some good footage to share in the next couple days. It's snowing again and the ducks are already here and should be moving early. It's on.

Keep 'em where they live...

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