Monday, March 7, 2016

Boyz Will Be Boyz on the Bighorn

This was the seen Sunday morning after three days of sending off a couple of Missouri River's finest guides into a life of stability and unconditional love...(even a ring can't do that boys.) The Big Horn trip was definitely a success although it very well could have produced a trip to the doctor for stitches and most definitely a dentist visit to repair a tooth.
I think Agee found out Saturday morning, after being out of it for a few years, he's not in the top football shape as his body was a little sore throwing Kuhnert around all night. Kuhnert found out that Agee is still good enough and big enough and I'm sure has already called the dentist. We all found out Hargrave could have been a hockey player. Other than that, a pretty tame weekend.

As for the fishing, the only thing that was really consistent was Silverman's streamer rig--AKA, a lead-headed jig on a spinning rod. We did get some on the fly; a few were on the hot beads, a few on scuds and Czechs, midges and even purple lightning bugs. I'm pretty sure Ray Leonhardt had the fish of the weekend though with this guy short leashing with a scud. At the end of day three, we also found some decent heads up and were able to get them on a Harrop's CDC midge and even got one to eat a Royal Wolf prospecting in some fast moving skinny water. But the fishing wasn't the point. It was good fun and nobody died. Congratulations Kuhnert and Big Jim.
Keep 'em where they live...

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