Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sorting Pucks

Doing chores today...I've got some trips coming up so I need to get my s#$%@t together--sorting out random flies in pucks, cleaning out the boat, my truck, etc. and then maybe a little more recon.
I don't do a lot of fishing reports unless there's something significant to report but I will say, yesterday gave me something to get excited about on the Missouri. The BWO's were popping pretty good and fish were actually eating them! Yeah, I know! It's been a while but it's true. If you were wanting to get into some dry-fly fishing, you should really think about taking a trip in the next few weeks. When the weather is right, the fish will be coming up and for myself, I almost forgot how fun it is to target heads.
As a side note, my dog is crazy. I've seen him do a few things in the last year I didn't think I'd ever see. He caught a ground squirrel in January after me telling him numerous times it would never happen. Yesterday, he caught a muskrat and killed it. Muskrats can be vicious little critters when cornered and I've always told Cutter that you don't want to mess with them and it's probably a good thing you'll never catch one but again, he proved me wrong.
 I heard something as I was casting to a fish that had been rising to some BWO's and turned just in time to watch Cutter throw the rat up in the air, then pick it up and shake it violently.
"Drop it!" I yelled and he did but it was too late.
As I shook my head and scolded him a bit, my line swung downstream and as it straightened out, a trout ate the last parachute Adams that size that I had on me and broke it off. That was the end of my fishing for the day, which was ok because the wind had picked up to about 30mph. I saw what I needed.
Keep 'em where they live...

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