Friday, April 29, 2016

Whole Lot Of Bugs

I haven't really done much of a fishing report on my blog lately so I figured it's about time. The weather the past week couldn't have been better for the bugs and for making fish more than willing to come up for them. The average temps have been in the 50's with clouds and a bit of rain. Perfect. It's probably tough to see but all those little dots in this photo are BWO's. The geese, they're just as happy mowing on them as the fish are. But don't be afraid to throw some March Brown stuff because they are there too.
The only real disappointment so far for the year is the Cascade stretch. Usually, it's the first spot to warm up and we generally see a ton of BWO's. It just hasn't happened and what I would imagine is it's just warmed up a little too quick down there. Last week was sunny and warm and it may have warmed up the bed of the stream too much for those early spring bugs. What I did see down there were a couple of caddis, which might support that theory. When I say a couple, I really mean a couple; like two.
The next couple days look pretty good folks. Clouds and cool temps but what that also means is ton's of boats. Be kind to your fellow rowers and don't be afraid to look around and see how people are fishing the honey holes. You don't have to stake out a spot on Mo and sit on it. With how big it is and how the swirls and toilet bowls set up, it's easy to have multiple boats taking turns in the same runs. Everyone catches fish and everyone has fun. Take a couple turns and move on to the next one. For the DFO's, wait it out. The crowds will pass and there will be plenty of fish up.
Keep 'em where they live...

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