Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Find "The Montana Dream Cast" On ITunes!

That's right folks, The Montana Dream Cast is now on ITunes. Click the link below.


We're still pretty early in the conception of "The Montana Dream Cast" so bare with me. It's getting busy and we're all going to be scrambling for the next few months trying to keep our heads above water, much less putting a lot of time into the podcast. However, I have been adding to the gear-bag, which means quality remote field recording. I have a few guests lined up already but would love to hear from anyone wanting to participate.

You can still get us on the PodBean app but the ITunes link will make it easier for folks with Apple products and for people who just don't want to put another app on their phones. You are welcome!

And oh yeah, I spent a couple days fishing with a marketing expert, Mark Wilhelms from my old stomping grounds near Milwaukee who gave me some pointers for changing up my website. Check it out: www.mdfishingoutfitters.com

Thanks Mark!

Keep 'em where they live...

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