Wednesday, August 10, 2016


That's right. If you can find this fly for me, I'll give you half off on a guided trip. You have to be the first one to show me the link to where I can find them. I'm not kidding.
Here's the deal. I was fishing with a client a week ago and the fish were not eating the hopper. I went through the normal progression of pink, then gold, then tan and then I tried a couple different sizes and nothing. I was looking through my box and noticed this little guy and figured I'd try it. I didn't have any kind of epiphany or anything but I did notice some splashy rises and there were a bunch of blue damsel flies so figure, what the heck. Trout wouldn't leave it alone.
I only had four of these in my box and the first day my guy broke two of them off on big fish. The second day we literally only threw this fly for about a half hour because my clients broke the last two off on fish almost immediately. I have looked at most of the shops in the area and nobody has them. I looked all over the internet to no avail. I don't know where I got them or even what they are called BUT I WANT THEM! So if you know what they are and would like to share, for a reward of course, please give me a shout.
Could I tie them? Maybe. I've been trying but I'm not very good at it and all I have is a picture. I took the pic of the last one I had before tying it on my guy's line. It literally took him three casts! Yeah, three casts and he broke it off! I've been trying but my version looks like crap.
Keep 'em where they live... 

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