Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Montana Dream Kitchen: Sausage Party!

We obviously do a lot of hunting and fishing out here and we bring a lot of game to the freezer. You might ask yourself, "What do they do with all that meat?"

Well, we eat it. That's right. I don't waste the game I harvest and in fact, it's one of my biggest pet peeves. Just ask Jill or Patrick. You can leave the veggies on the plate and the fruit if you're full but DON'T WASTE THE MEAT!

Here's the deal, I work hard at the process of harvesting wild game. Part of me want's that to be respected but the bigger deal is respecting and honoring the animal that gave its life to support yours. If we waste the meat we are devaluing that animal's life and not recognizing the importance of what that animal gave or lost for us. It's like saying we don't really care that much about that animal's life.

The challenge can be making wild game taste and feel like what Patrick and other kids and even adults are used to in our overly packaged and overly produced world. That's why I decided to start sharing with you ideas for cooking wild game that will not only be edible, but your family will enjoy and even look forward to in a segment I'm calling, "The Montana Dream Kitchen."

I've made a video list on The Montana Dream YouTube Channel called, The Montana Dream Kitchen and will share videos of my ups and downs of processing my own wild game. The first video is my attempt to make sausages from start to finish. Like I said, there are ups and there are downs so check it out and maybe you'll be able to learn from my failures if you decide to take on this task. The sausages are delicious.

Just a note about the video. Although educational and funny at times, it was definitely done on a "B" movie budget...maybe in C or D or let's not kid ourselves, W,X,Y, and maybe Z. The lighting is bad. The sound is bad and it's a bit long but I lost all the video files in production in the process I was using as kind of a practice edit, so this is what I am left with. Although it could have been done better, I think you can still take something from it. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Keep 'em where they live...

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