Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Definitive Answer on the Bead

If you want to know if the bead rig is legal, check out the podcast by clicking the link below. We got some definitions from the local game warden on what is or isn't considered snagging.

The Definitive Answer on the Bead

Ok, if you don't have the time to listen to the podcast, just know; you're missing out but I will tell you anyway. According to the game warden I talked to, the bead rig is totally legal and one could keep a fish using the bead rig as long as it was hooked in the mouth. However, a foul hooked fish, regardless of using this rig or any other rig, is not legal to keep. Now, I don't use the rig myself and we all have what we consider is ethical concerns about the rig or maybe not. Legally however, you're fine. Personally, I couldn't care less as long as you're not standing on reds while fishing it. (If you don't know what the rig is, look at the previous blog post.)

I posted the picture above to give you an idea of the size difference between a calf elk and an adult deer. This was taken in early August. By hunting season, that calf would be even bigger. Why is this important? Again, on the podcast, Scott and I discussed passing on calf elk as we both have. However, sometimes we all make mistakes and sometimes calves are difficult to discern from a year-and-a-half old cow when they are standing alone. That is of course, provided they don't have spots.

Keep 'em where they live...

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