Saturday, April 8, 2017

Smokin Ducks and Contemplating Life


Hey iGrill, do you? Check out what I've been cooking! #iGrillDoYou #iGrill #Weber

Apparently, there is an app for that and you can share the graph via social media. The iGrill remote thermometer is a pretty cool tool for those of us that don't have the fancy dancy electric/auto smokers. You put the probe in the smoker and connect it to the interface, which then connects through Bluetooth to your app on your smartphone and vuala; you can see exactly how hot your smoker is without leaving your Barcalounger. Pretty sweet and it allows you to get results like this:
It's a pretty crappy picture but the app does that too! It's amazing what technologies they have come up with in the past couple decades; all to make our lives easier and it does for sure but it can also add some serious frustration when that technology breaks down. For instance, these podcasts that we've been doing called, The Montana Dream Cast. (By the way, you can check them out here: I spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out my editing software and then they go and "upgrade" something and one command change costs me hours of trying to figure out something so simple like mixing and exporting a file so that it can be uploaded to the Podbean hosting site. And only after six hours of searching through chat rooms and message boards do I find the solution and it's literally the push of one button and my problems are solved...except now I have turrets.
What technology has done for me is shifted my expectations of what we ought to be able to get done and how long that ought to take. Everything now-a-days should be as easy as pushing a button on your phone and a somewhat sexy voice tells us where we can find our next adventure, how long it will take us to get there, and if that place has wheelchair accessibility. (Thanks Google. By the way, you and I need to talk about this 'front page' crap too.) But what happens if Siri sends us on a wrong turn or God for bid, makes me 10 minutes late for picking up the kid? H-o-l-y Siri!! You're just lucky you're stuck inside that damn box...
This is why we need the smoker and ducks and hunting and fishing in general. We need these things to slow us down a bit and maybe develop some patience and a little more realistic set of expectations. This is also why I fly fish and why you should too. I'm just's a great way to put life into perspective and contemplate what's really important and that's also why guys like me are here--to help you spend a little quality time living the dream.
Keep 'em where they live...
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