Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Montana Dream DIY

I've been trying to get this out for a while now but couldn't find the time. Well, due to the weather today, clients bagged their trip so I'm doing a little catch-up.

Jill and I closed on this house May 18, 2015. I got to work immediately and within a couple days, had the entire house torn apart. We called contractors in to do the floors, the electrical, and the pluming. Jill picked the paint and all the cosmetic stuff and worked with contractors on that. On the few days I had off throughout the guide season, I changed out lights, patched holes in walls and the floor, did the trim, and finished up changing some fixtures. In October, Jill's dad helped me install the cabinets in the kitchen and I finished the backsplash and crown molding by the end of January of 2016.

Most recently, we got rid of the maroon trim on the outside, changed some of the outdoor lights, and fixed the crappy job the original owners did on touching up the exterior paint. (They didn't match the original paint so random panels of siding were a shade of purple while the others were the grey you see.) We are finished for now but I'm sure this winter we'll be tackling the bathrooms.

The good thing is I've acquired a substantial inventory of power tools.

Keep 'em where they live...

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