Monday, October 16, 2017

Moving On

If you're a Packer's fan, today might feel like the end of the world. I am and I'm pretty bummed but the reality is, is one injury to an NFL team can and often does, cost you the season. I'm just glad I have other things to look forward to for this time of the year.

1) I haven't shot an elk with a rifle in 15 years. That's right. For the past 8 seasons, I've shot 7 elk during bow season so by now, I should be done. This year however, I couldn't capitalize on the few opportunities I had so now it's time to put my brand new Ruger Hawkeye, .270 to the test. I have yet to shoot anything with it so I'm excited to break it in.

I realize that many people feel the .270 is a bit light for elk but I'd rather go for accuracy than knock-down power. I've struggled with the pump action Remington 760, .30-.06 I inherited from my dad so I'd rather know I'm going to hit 'em than just try to hit 'em hard.

2) Ducks...

3) Mule deer. I still haven't shot a big mule deer since living in the West. I've seen some monsters when I haven't either had a tag or had permission to shoot one, so I'm hoping this is the year. I have whitetails on the wall, antelope, elk; even a 30 inch walleye but I don't have good mule deer. Again, the Ruger is going to get some work this season.

4) Jill is going to shoot a deer. Yep. Jill has shot ducks, she's shot huns but she has never shot a big game animal and this year is the year. We're going to start her out with a whitetail and see how she does. Will it be a one and done situation? Will she get the bug? Will she even pull the trigger? We will find out and you can hear about it on The Montana Dream Cast.

5) Upland birds...I haven't really hunted upland birds for a few years. Maybe this is the year to get back into it.

So yes, I feel like my football interests have reached a 1 out of 10 now since Rodgers went down but it just get's me off the coach and up in the mountains to do more exploring. Oh yah, and the World Series is also coming up.

Keep 'em where they live...

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