Friday, December 7, 2018

Winter Waterfowl-Follow The Montana Dream

I spent a lot of time in the mountains doing the big game thing this year so I missed the first big wave of birds coming to the river. Since then, we just haven't had the snow and cold to bring more birds down. The other day, the weather changed and the birds came. It was pretty solid and I managed to get some cool videos of birds dropping and Cutter earning his keep. Check them out on The Montana Dream YouTube Channel. 

As for the hunting, it was kind of a mixed bag. There were a lot of mallards on the water and with guys floating and jump shooting, the birds were moving a little most of the afternoon. Big flocks of mallards passed over just after sunset but were on a mission. The reservoirs are still open so they'd rather be on the big water. As soon as those bodies freeze up, the game will change. The geese kind of came in waves. Had I had a few more decoys, I probably could have done a little better on them. There are also a few other ducks coming through. I shot a couple redheads, which I don't think I've ever shot, plus a ringneck along with a couple geese and a couple mallards. 

The weather is getting warmer again and no snow until probably late next week so unless I get the opportunity to hunt some fields, I'm not all that optimistic for what the river is going to offer. I might have to go try to fill my damage hunt tag. 

Keep 'em where they live...

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