Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Good Morning Little School Girl (By Parachute Adam)

Alright...I was having a little fun with the podcast audience, which probably wasn't fair. I apologize. I didn't have a local band to promote so I went back to a band I was in about 10 years ago called Parachute Adam. The last place Parachute Adam performed was at Jester's in Helena. It was right after that, that our drummer disappeared and bringing in another drummer just seemed like too much work. Plus, it was eerily paralleling the Spinal Tap saga, (best rock documentary every by the way,) and nobody wants to witness any spontaneous human combustion. So I recorded a couple songs in my studio and I'm calling the band Parachute Adam--band members include, Russ Dobrzynski on vocals, Russ Dobrzynski on guitars, Russ Dobrzynski on percussion, Russ Dobrzynski on bass. I know, it's kind of lame but Boston started out with a couple dudes in a basement too... Maybe someday I'll bring some folks in and we'll get the actual band together. Listen in on the podcast from last week and with this information, you might win a free trip.

It's snowing like a mutha today, which is good for the upcoming season. I know people are kind of wigging out a bit on the lack of snow but this should help. Here's the snow pack map from Snotel from yesterday:

A couple inches of snow probably won't move the needle too much but it is something and it should help. Looks like winter is finally here. Hopefully she sticks around for a couple months anyway.

Keep 'em where they live...

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