Sunday, February 10, 2019

Randomness Makes Life More Interesting

Check out this week's, The Montana Dream Cast! It's cold out here in Montana. Real cold and I'm still trying to kill an elk. It's supposed to be easy right now as the snow has pushed the elk down from the high country. Here's the deal; the cold and snow also makes it incredibly difficult on the hunter. The photo above was shot as I got into my truck after hiking about 3 1/2 miles through thigh deep snow. The temperature was zero degrees. No elk.

The next day, I went down hill to where the snow wasn't so deep. The elk were there at some point but another 4 mile trek and I came up empty. While I was driving out, a random truck pulled up and pointed me in the right direction, which just so happened to be about 500 yards from where the sign-in box was. Yep, about a half a dozen elk stood right up above the parking area and box where you sign in to get permission to hunt this area.

With a half hour of legal shooting light, I took off up the hill and got close enough for a shot. It was so cold, my range finder crapped out on me. I guessed the range and took a shot but was low. I made the adjustment and "click!" Misfired...twice. You can hear more about that hunt and fishing from last week on the podcast. Yeah, fishing. It went from mid-fifties last Saturday to yesterday topping out where I was hunting at negative 20.

Randomness Makes Life More Interesting

We also talked about the snow situation out here in Montana, which is high priority for folks trying to pick the best time to come out. It looks pretty good.

Keep 'em where they live...

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