Friday, February 25, 2011

New Professions

I'm not sure if this makes me a professional fly tier but I did sell six dozen of these yesterday for a little extra cash--not all yellow and chartreuse. Some were black and purple and white and purple. I kind of feel a little like a sell-out but a guy's gotta eat. This is my favorite streamer pattern and since Cross Currents is in town and I do some business with them, I sold them there. If anyone else wants 'em, let me know.

The list keeps getting longer to add to my resume. Last Sunday I was a rep for Breeder's Choice doing a promo at the Petsmart in Bozeman. In the last year I've guided, installed a water heater and did duct work for a heating system, played music, did body work on a boat, carpentry, worked as a direct care specialist with autistic kids, painted, sold antler carvings to a bead store, sold dog food and now tied flies professionally. At some point I might have to think about getting a real job...I do love to guide though. Still not sure how to make a good living off of it.

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