Monday, March 7, 2011

Economics 101

I picked up my new boat the other day. It's a Clackacraft LP that was used. The original owner is a client of mine who knew I needed a boat and he wasn't using his much so he gave me a great deal. It came with the basic carlisle oars that, once you've rowed really good oars, kind of suck. So I listed them on Craigslist for $150. Brand new the oars would retail for around 3 bills but I just wanted to get rid of them. I received 6 emails and had them sold in less than 3 hours...I guess that means maybe my asking price was a little low.

I'm also putting a side anchor pull system on the boat that seems to be proving a little more difficult to figure out than I thought. I bought the system from Clack and all it came with was an anchor mount, two straight pulleys that run down the side of the boat and then a cleat and two other pulleys that are off-set and kind of weird looking. I have know clue. If anyone knows anything about it, let me know. I'm guessing I'm suppose to have a combo cleat mount, (I did a little research and that's what my old boat had,) but I don't know. It's another $75.

So why the side system? Because every time I step on the pedal on the center foot system I get the rope wrapped around my ankles. Plus, it is much harder to pull up the anchor when your pulling from the floor and in really cold conditions, the rope freezes in the tube it runs though to get under the furniture. The other thing is I heard the foot cleat has chewed through a number of people's ropes and they wind up leaving their anchor on the bottom of the river. Oh yah, and, if you are standing along the side of the boat, it's much more difficult to either pull up the anchor or let it out from the center position. And for anyone that says the side system makes your boat swing they are full of crap.

Wish me luck.

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