Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Labrador

I do tie a few dry fly patterns. This was my most effective fly last year. I call it the Labrador. I tie it using the undercoat from, yep--you guessed it--Chase. It floats. I looks dead. Fish eat the crap out of it.

Today is the hearing for HB 309; the bill that is aimed to re-define what a "ditch" is in Montana. I will be heading down to the Capital today to show my opposition to this bill. For those that don't understand what the big deal is; this bill is just a gateway to taking away miles of streams from recreationists. It was started by rich land-owners who are trying to keep people off sections of naturally occurring channels and sloughs they deam is their property. Somehow, (money,) they generated support from one of our elected officials to take our resources from us and put it into the hands of those part-time residence. Thanks J. Welborn. You might need to find another job soon.

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