Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winds of Change

I went out yesterday for a bit...tried to get out of the wind with some success and landed a couple good ones. I've been trying to come up with a new kind of spring pattern that looks like an egg sack still attached to a trout fry. I'm not sure how successful I was in accomplishing the profile of the bug but I did catch this guy. And yes, for those who know where where it was, it's no secret. For those who don't, call up Headhunters in Craig and they would be more than happy to hook you up with a guide that will take you there.

I feel very blessed right now with the people I have come to know in the guiding community and in my personal life. Not everything has always worked out but I've definitely become stronger for those interactions. Next month I will be heading back up to Wolf Creek to live in the White House and although it is small and quirky, it is comfortable and will put me in the heart of the action...hopefully that translates to more days.

For those days I don't work, I'm excited for the new friendships I have developed and the old friendships I'm becoming re-acquainted with. I am REALLY looking forward to spending time with my new fishing buddy...more to come.

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