Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Mark

It was Mark Raisler's birthday yesterday, which was celebrated with a nice sized barbeque. With the Mo being the only thing fishing in the State pretty much, dudes from all over were coming to grab a bite and a beer. No matter what anyone says, (John Arnold,) Rainier is the beer!

They had a bunch of rods out to cast out on the new casting lawn at Headhunter's and let me tell you, there are some dudes that can really huck so line. I've never really learned the little things to really be able to throw a lot of line so when guys were easily throwing a good 20 feet further than me, it could have been a little humiliating. The thing is, it really wasn't. First of all, they were all pretty cool about giving tips and second, everyone knows that you don't catch many fish at 110 feet away. But it is cool to throw that much line. What's the saying? "Drive for show and putt for doe?"

Keep 'em where they live and happy birthday Mark!

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