Monday, June 20, 2011

Le' Mouse is DEAD

Yep. Another mouse in the house has met his maker and I'm not at all bummed about it. If Chase was doing his job, I wouldn't have to worry about it but honestly, with all the time he spends in the house alone while I'm on the river, I wouldn't be surprised if he had befriended the little bastard. It ran right by him the other night and he didn't even look at the thing.

So the word on the street is the Mo has finally cleared up down low and it's fishing really well. I took a drive yesterday to kind of plan my week of guiding and with the Dearborn at least stable at 1,250 cfs and the flows out of the dam at around 16,500, the river was pretty clear. I'm so happy to have 35 miles of river as an option for the next few days.

We did fish the lower canyon the other day. It was a little premature but our guys were happy with catching a dozen or more fish and not having to participate in the boat show at the dam. Unless the next couple days of 80 degrees opens the flood gates in mountains, fishing should just keep getting better.

Keep 'em where they live..

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