Thursday, July 7, 2011

West Side

July 3rd and 4th were spent on the west side of the Divide; day one on the Blackfoot and day two, the Clearwater. The Blackfoot was blown and although we saw a ton of stone flies, nothing was up no them. We happened to find some clear water on a small tributary and my guys through a salmon fly in there and caught the only fish of the day. Kept my streak alive...

Day two was interesting to say the least. Of the two boats that floated together, we had two dads and two nine-year-old sons. The focus was definitely on the boys to catch fish. We worked hard and finally got into some. Bayard got this beautiful brown as his first trout on a fly. It was pretty cool.

Late in the day we were pushing through the last lake in a series of lakes that make up the Clearwater flowage. Dad still hadn't boated a fish and as a Hail Mary of sorts, we threw out a big drake on the still water while looking for my rig. (I have never floated the Clearwater so I had no idea where to take out.) We did see some cruising fish out in the lake but they get pretty spooky and very picky in the flat water.

We saw my truck and I said to Richard, "Well, there's the truck. I think we have to call it quits." Just then an 18 inch rainbow smacked his fly. Last cast--absolutely last possible second and he finally connected with a dry fly. Nice.

Those two fish are the only two fish we have caught on dries all season with clients. Crazy.

Keep 'em where they live...

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