Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quick Update

Busy, Busy, Busy. So far my season's been pretty busy but my August and September kind of suck. It kind of stresses me out but such is life as a guide. The fishing's been good and yes, I've been up at the dam as much as many of the other dudes because the fish are there. When you have newcomers that just want to get into 'em, it's really their best chance. But don't count out the canyon.

I took a couple guys down there yesterday and a few days ago I took another group. Both wanted to catch fish but both said they'd rather stay away from the crowds. Perfect. We got plenty of fish and although the hopper bite wasn't full-on, it was good enough to keep every ones interest and we did put a few good fish in the boat. Right now it's your best bet for big browns that are getting a little sleepy in the warm water.

Just a shout-out to the infamous shuttle driver, Jim P. I know you think I'm number one but you don't need to show me the finger every time I drive by. Grow up Jim and take some accountability.

Keep 'em where they live...


  1. Maybe it's because your an asshole Russ and not many people (locals as you call them)like you. With your smug holier than thou and I know everything and everyone else is wrong and stupid attitude. Hmmm, seems like the only people that do like you are from out of state. Maybe you oughta leave! Here's hoping you go broke!

  2. I'm fairly certain if you even knew Russ at all Patridiotic you would know him the complete opposite of your view. He is completely selfless. I hope you give yourself the opportunity to get to know him. And really... The "go broke" comment... That's just adolescent. Hope to see you again Russco! Too much time has passed since we've played some 6 string and sung. I've got a book full nowadays. Take care brother and don't let the bastards get ya... ---to quote Wheez.