Thursday, June 13, 2013

Women on the Mo

Jill, Diane and I hit the water early yesterday morning with beautiful sunshine and no wind. (The last couple days were my first two days with MRO this year. Thanks for the business guys. I look forward to hanging out with you more this summer. Bust out the Bocce Balls!) Fish were happy and the girls did well. This was one of many good fish Diane caught and Jill, (the only Aussie I’ve had in the boat to date,) also did her country proud by channeling her aggressive competitive spirit and landing well over a dozen fish. If you come out to the Mo just remember, these fish aren’t your friends so don’t be afraid to hurt their feelings. If you’re going to hit it, HIT IT!

The Lower Canyon is teaming with PMD’s now so we never changed flies. It was all a #16 PMD nymph and the purple weight fly. I hate the purple weight fly because it doesn’t look like anything…and it’s purple! But, I’m not one to argue with the fish gods so purple it is.

At about 3 o’clock, the weather started changing dramatically with huge thunder-heads rolling in. We got off the water just before the rain hit. Strong winds, hail and a torrential down-pour might have put a real damper on the day. I think we were all ok with getting off a little early as the moisture is a real blessing.

Keep ‘em where they live…

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