Monday, July 22, 2013

Banana Boat

This isn't an endorsement for sun screen although I probably should be using it more it's just that I'm kind of lazy and can't stand the taste of it if it gets in my mouth. It also stings when I get it in my eyes. I had my first clients of the summer from Head Hunters and we were talking about the banana superstition over lunch.

Ok so here's the story. I researched it on the Internet and you know everything you hear off the Internet is true, right? One story suggests that fishermen from the South Pacific Islands would take a banana with them when they went out to sea for fishing trips. When the banana turned black, they knew they were out too far to catch fish and they would have to turn back.

A second story seems more plausible. Having a banana in the boat is suppose to be bad luck and most fishermen on the seas know this to be true. I've talked to many commercial fishermen form Alaska and other places and they all agree. Apparently back in the day, sailors would trade for bananas in the South Pacific Islands because they really liked to eat them. However, when they brought the bananas on board, they also brought snakes and spiders and rats. The unwanted pests would eventually make it to the captain's quarters, which pissed him off so he made a policy that there would be no trading for bananas. Over time, the restriction on bananas grew legs and stories were told about how the bananas would bring bad luck in the form of horrible fishing and even worse, ship wrecks and death.

So there you have it. Bananas legitimately are bad luck.

Rich and Lynn today were awesome as were Bob and Grace Thomas from the last couple days. I also had a group of women who just wanted to show their husbands they could catch fish on a fly-rod, which was also cool. It's back to a nymphing game and quite honestly, we've been crushing 'em down low. As for the sucks. The pressure has finally gotten to the fish and if they see a boat or even a bobber for that matter, they scatter. I'm glad I have options. If you do go to the dam, throw green...

Keep 'em where they live...

P.S. Good guides are a commodity. They not only do a good job and get your clients to come back but they also might bring you new clients if you treat them right. Some get it. Some don't. You live and learn.

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