Thursday, July 25, 2013


YES! That is Reba McEnentire and I had the pleasure of guiding her and her newly acquainted friend, Brandi the other day and I'll be honest, it was very nice. We talked a bit about music and travel and then we spanked a few fish. They both did well. Reba was quite aggressive on the hook-set, just like I coached her, and once she hooked a few and put one in the net, she was good. The day was complete.

Thirty-seven years ago, Reba remembered hearing her first single on the radio at her mom's house. It was a song called, "I Don't Want To Be A One Night Stand." Could you imagine that? I was kind of in awe because I've been into music on a very small scale for a while now and just to hear yourself on the radio and wonder where life would take you from that point on...I don't think she had a clue. And all I can say is, good for you Reba. I don't think there's another more deserving person. She really was a class lady. (So was Brandi.)

She actually asked me about my music and what kind of songs I liked to perform. I told her I loved to play the classic rock stuff acoustically and even had some really cool jams with blue grass musicians playing stuff like Honky Tonk Woman and Feel Like Making Love...I told her my stuff probably didn't compare to the Stones because for one, I have a better voice than Mick...she actually agreed but I think we all decided Mick has way more style.

We were off at noon and they went on their way and I went to play a round of golf. I shot an 84...not my best but definitely not my worst. I wouldn't be opposed to fishing with them again. Plus, if I'm going to be honest, she's still pretty hot and the few people that did see us, I know she was turning some heads.

Good meeting you Reba. Keep 'em where they live...

P.S. I told my good friend I wasn't going to do this but I have to say, Raisler; you don't have 40 guides just like me. They certainly can't do what I do. Your arrogant comments have cost you a few more customers.

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