Friday, August 2, 2013

Perception vs Reality

Me and the boys went fishing again yesterday after they took matters into their own hands for a couple days over on the Blackfoot. It’s tough to hit a river you’re not familiar and just jump in and do really well but the exploration can be a lot of fun. I think they were glad to come back to the Mo however; we really put the hurt on ‘em early yesterday. I just got off the phone with a guy who had planned to come over next week to do some fishing. He said he had been talking to some folks from the North Fork Crossing in Ovando who told him he’s wasting his money by coming over here this time of year. Well, I guess there is that perception; too many weeds, fishing sucks…I think the guys I’ve been fishing with these last couple weeks would tell you different. You just have to get off the beaten path and give them what they want. Today’s my first day off since June 23rd. I was supposed to be on today but a client got sick and had to cancel. I hope she’s doing well and I’ll be back on tomorrow. The day off is kind of a blessing as waking up at 8:30 was blissful. This is my second day off in the last 47. I’m definitely not complaining because the season can be short and you gotta make hay…With reports like above being spread, who knows what August will look like. All I know is the weather is already getting cooler and the nights are longer. It rained yesterday quite a bit and it’s supposed to rain more, which will all help. Don’t be afraid. Keep ‘em where they live…

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