Saturday, September 28, 2013


It's getting colder and the water temps are dropping rapidly. Yesterday morning was greeted with a blanket of fog in the Canyon as the cold air met the relatively warm water on the river. It makes for a cool looking scene but also signifies the fall cycle of fishing, which means fish are gearing up for the winter and they are eating.

The rain and cold a couple days ago brought with it blanket hatches of pseudos. Now, I've said pseudos can be a bitch but when there are billions of them on the water and that's coupled with low light, fish gobble them up and actually are willingly taking bigger representations of those little bugs. They'll also take big attractor flies if presented well.

The sun came out yesterday for most of the day but then clouds moved in late afternoon. Even with pretty high winds, fish were coming up and Chad Smith, part of the Chicago group we've been guiding the past few days, took advantage of the opportunity.

As for nymphing; it's that time again. BWO nymphs are working but don't forget about fire-red!

Keep 'em where they live...

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