Monday, December 2, 2013

Bone Heads

If you were hunting on the Sterling Island on the Missouri near Craig this weekend and left this mess you're a fricken bone head. Yes, that's right; I said it because I'm tired of cleaning up your mess and so is my girlfriend, my hunting buddies and their kids. The Sterling Ranch has been more than generous in letting fishermen and duck hunters access the river through their land so show a little f'n respect and pick up your shit. And if you are from the area and know duck-hunters, please forward this blog to them and hopefully it gets around to the dip-shits that keep leaving this stuff for others to have to deal with.

And there are still people fishing out there too so don't go flying a hundred miles an hour with your jet-sleds through water they're trying fish. Is it that hard? You don't own the damn river.

As for the hunting, it's getting pretty good and Cutter is doing awesome. At two-years old he hasn't lost a duck. In fact, I've sent him out twice now for random dead ducks that come floating by from other hunters that can't retrieve them.

That brings up another point while I'm still perched up on this soap box. Think a little about where you're setting up before you start blasting ducks that you can't retrieve. There were these guys set up the other day at the top of a small island in the middle of the river with the full current rushing by. There's no way in hell a guy in waders is going to get anything that drops to either side of the island and you'd have to have one hell of a dog to have any chance. We were set up down stream from these guys and had three dead ducks float by us.

Sorry but it has to be said.

Keep 'em where they live...

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